DIVINE DETAILS with Sarah Veblen


DIVINE DETAILS with Sarah Veblen


Friday, January 11, 2020

6:30 pm-8:00 pm

My Sebastopol-Graton-Forestville-ish studio

Delectables provided

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Workshop: You Choose Your Focus



Garment details are often what catches our eye. If you’re clothes shopping with a friend, you probably don’t hold up a blouse and say, “Hey, look at this perfectly plain shirt!” Rather, it’s that little extra something that draws you in. This might be a clever neckline treatment on a t-shirt, fabulous buttons on a jacket, or a lace detail at the hem of a skirt.

In this lecture, Sarah will treat you to a fun presentation showcasing garments from her own wardrobe. From details using store-bought trims, to interesting fabric combinations, to details created from fabric, she explains how she came up with her ideas and what makes each detail “work.” Get ready to be inspired.