SARAH VEBLEN- You Choose Your Focus Workshop With

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SARAH VEBLEN- You Choose Your Focus Workshop With



January 10th, 1th, & 12th 2020

My Studio in lovely Sebastopol-Graton- Forestville area

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Workshop: You Choose Your Focus



Sometimes a class revolving around a particular topic is what you want. But when your questions and goals don’t fit into a tidy category, this is the workshop for you! 


You choose your focus. And I split my time amongst the small number of attendees (limited to 10), helping you with exactly what you want to learn and achieve.


Quite frequently participants have me fit their mock-ups. Some stick to that, while others choose to have me do their pattern work. Someone else might want help with construction techniques. And you might want a bit of this and a bit of that. It’s all up to you . . . how can I help you?


Here’s a list of the types of things I’m frequently asked to help with. But remember, it’s all up to you.


•          fitting garment mock-ups

•          sizing and fitting you in the Eureka! Pants that Fit

•          assessing fit and/or construction of finished garments

•          assisting with pattern work, or doing it for you

•          demonstrating sewing techniques

•          developing new styles from a well-fitting pattern

•          padding a dress form to reflect your body

•          selecting fabric for a specific garment 

•          selecting a garment or style for a specific fabric

•          advising on how to structure a garment (interfacing, lining, etc.) 

•          assisting with interesting fabric and/or trim combinations

•          developing flattering garment styles for your figure

•          helping you develop and hone your creative process

•          and just about anything else you want to delve into


You’ll get to enjoy the companionship of other creative people, and you’ll surely leave inspired and ready to sew with renewed enthusiasm.


Many people like to bring a project that’s easy to work on for short bits of time, just in case you’re ready for me when I’m working with someone else. I have many years of experience doing workshops like these, and I promise you, everyone will get lots of individual attention!